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Christian Chaplains Corps of America

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  • Thank you for submitting your application
    for membership in the

    Your application will be reviewed by our membership committee and they will be in contact with you soon.

    If you are accepted as a member of the Christian Chaplains Corps of America (CCCA):

    • You will receive an email from the CCCA Board of Directors welcoming you as a member.
    • You will also receive an invitation to join the CCCAForum Yahoo discussion group. The CCCAForum is the place where you can fellowship, share ideas, encourage, and edify other members of the CCCA as well as receive the same for yourself. Once you are a member of the CCCA, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU JOIN THIS FORUM as there are "Members Only" material included in the Files and other sections of the group website which you will need. This forum is where new information is distributed to the members of the CCCA.
    • If you are an ordained minister of the Gospel, and upon the Board of Directors receiving proof of your ordination, you will be considered for a commissioning from the CCCA as a Chaplain. To submit your proof of ordination, email a scanned copy of your ordination credentials to
    Please feel free to review other pages on our website by using the links in the left column.